Are you tired of feeling stuck trying to lose the same stubborn 5-10 lbs?
 Are you tired of feeling hopelessly out of control and like you'll never get back in the driver's seat?
 Are you tired of waking up everyday without energy and relying solely on caffeine?
 Are you tired of ending the day with regret and a "start over tomorrow" attitude?
 Are you tired of questioning why your current diet plan isn't working?
 Are you afraid to fail because you have zero trust in your will power?
 Are you tired of trying to figure this out on your own?
Maybe you're feeling burnt out?

Maybe you're feeling frustrated with every program you've tried?

There are many reasons you may feel like quitting...but have you ever wondered what it would feel like to start again for the last time?


Girl, I GET IT.

I understand how frustrated you are!

I work with women DAILY to break those internal beliefs that you can't change.

Because you CAN.
I'm not sure if you're here by chance or on purpose, but I'm GLAD we've crossed paths.

THANK YOU, for giving me a chance to change your life.
My name is Kristie Higgs.

I am the founder of GirlHustle Mind & Muscle. 

I've worked with over hundreds of women to get them one thing: RESULTS.
Results won't mean the same thing to everyone.

Which is why through my education (B.S. Exercise Science, Graduate Level Sports Nutrition, NASM CPT, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Women's Fitness Specialist, Senior Fitness Specialist) and over 7 years of experience:

I have developed a program that is set up to help you achieve results, regardless of what your goals are!
 If you're ready to get REAL & DIRECT answers to your questions, this is for you.
 If you're ready discover a game plan that will work for you life, this is for you!
I understand you may be feeling nervous...and that's A-OK! 

It means YOU ARE READY to finally ignite that inner hustle!
"Well... I am officially 1 pound under the weight I said I wanted to be. My initial goal was 10 pounds heavier than I am now, and decided I wanted to lose those ten pounds. Found Kristie and bam, 2 months later I did it! 64 pounds lost forever and never coming back!"
- Russie G.
"When I first got my macros I was a bit alarmed. Although I know it’s not true, there is always a little voice in my head saying 'you have to eat less to weigh less.' Well that voice is crazy... Week 1 - five pounds down. Kristie Higgs you are a miracle worker." --Molly H.
My results come from ONE ultimate truth...
Things are about to get REAL...
"I wish someone had told me during my pregnancy to continue going to the gym and continue counting macros... (in) the last five weeks that I've completed with Kristie...I took home more from that than I feel like I have in my whole 5 years of training"
- Paige

"One of the most important things I've learned from Kristie... is how to live my life for me...because in the end, it's going to benefit everyone around me"
- Bobi
"Before I started with Kristie I was a horrible eater...I never succeeded with diets until this...the great thing about [what I've learned] is if it fits in your macros, you
can do it!"
- Kolbi
"I've learned so much from Kristie Higgs and already inspire others with the progress she's helped me get to. I'm definitely proud to be a GirlHustler." -- Mellissa F. 
"Cannot say how appreciative I am of this group and Kristie Higgs! I finally feel in control of what I'm eating!!"

"I can't even start to fathom how much and GirlHustle has helped me."

"It's so much more than workouts and macros, it's created a family of girls I've never met."

"My mind has shifted, I don't fear food, I don't hate the scale, I don't even weigh myself daily!"

"I can't thank you enough for starting this program."
Who knew that trying to become fit would cause some SERIOUS bad habits with food...
About seven years ago I was the girl in the gym confused about…well everything…

I saw all these other women in my Facebook and Instagram feed who made getting biceps and abs looks like an easy, breezy task.

It didn't take long though to realize that was not the case and I had no idea what I should be doing...
I was stuck...and left asking questions like: 
 Should I do cardio? Lift weights?...or maybe do both??
 Are supplements necessary or can I get results from just eating healthy?
 Will lifting make me look like a man?
 Are supplements necessary or can I get results from just eating healthy?
 Will protein powder make me look bulky?
 How do I know which foods are best for faster results??
 ...Can I even afford healthy food?
 Will I ever get to eat pizza again???
 Am I doomed to a life of tilapia and brown rice!?
I was also a girl who looked in the mirror…and was BEYOND frustrated that I wasn’t getting the results I wanted no matter what I tried!

I still wish I could go back in time and swat that piece of paper out of my hand! 

With my choices so limited to a TINY little list...

and (...without knowing...) being in such calorie deficit...

I developed some BADDDD eating habits...
I bet you're wondering right now " does this even apply to me?" 


 After years of training other women - I've learned that MOST WOMEN are stuck in the same food cycle I used to be!

Seriously though....

It's a real pattern (and not to mention a real point of frustration) for many women I've worked with... 
If you say yes to any of these questions...
 Do you "punish" yourself from food because you ate bad the night before?
 Do you find yourself soaking up every tiny bit of food off your plate with a slice of bread?
 Do you avoid going out with friends or to family events while you're "dieting" because you don't know what food will be there?
 Do you "forget" to eat breakfast?
 Do you open a box of Girl Scout Cookies and notice you mindlessly ate half the box?
 Do you snap at your spouse for eating the ice cream in the freezer?
 Do you skip the occasional meal after looking at your body in the mirror?
 Do you run extra miles on the treadmill when you've had too many cheat meals?

My fitness journey really opened my eyes to this global issue...

But don't you worry! 

Because I was a hot mess too...

And it took time to admit it to myself that I was in a bad relationship with food...

It literally took until I found myself crying on the floor...trying to choke down another filet of tilapia …

It was at this moment the Fitness gods had some mercy on me....and I was introduced to MACROS. 
This was truly the method where I found freedom in food... 
 I began enjoying what I ate...and I saw results faster!
Girl, if you haven't heard of macros and you are tired of your poor eating cycles...

... tired of having a love/hate relationship with green smoothies and the treadmill...

Let me help teach you!

This life experience is what drove me to create GirlHustle.

And my program is 100% based around teaching you about macros and helping you rewire your mind when it comes to eating...
Let's get specific.
What exactly is GirlHustle?
 GirlHustle is a fitness and macro app that is the only system/program of its kind that is designed to teach you, step by step, how you can become your own personal trainer and when implemented, get the long lasting results you’ve been looking for.
 GirlHustle is not a quick fix bandaid to your current food and exercise behavior.

 GirlHustle is not about following another workout program or a cookie cutter meal plan. 
 GirlHustle shows you how to set up and design a true lifestyle based on YOUR schedule and physical goals so you can stop feeling defeated and starting living with confidence!
 GirlHustle is flexible with your life. Not only does it provide step by step instructions, but you also get direct access to Kristie and the GirlHustle coaching team via FB so you can get all the answers to your questions.
 GirlHustle is doable, even if you have zero prior experience with macros or working out.
 GirlHustle is doable, even if you’re a mom, a student, or in your 50’s…
 Imagine what it would feel like to have a lifestyle that teaches you how to not only get results, but make them long lasting. 

So you can say yes to that girl's night out, you can say yes to that swim suit, you can say yes to that margarita, while saying "YES!" in the mirror. Image what that would feel like?? 
Sound pretty good??

This is everything that is included: 
🍍Daily Gym Routines
Never worry about what you will do at the gym again, you will always have a plan written and instructed by Kristie. 

🍍Daily Home Routines 
Don't stress if you can't make it to the gym, you can get amazing results right from your living room.

🍍Mental Coaching 
This is the ultimate and incredible secret of getting your mind to talk to your body. This is that final piece to the body transformation puzzle. 

🍍 Booty Isolator
Just wanna hit glutes today? You will always have access to a variety of the best booty-only routines!
🍍 Ab Isolator 
Only have time for a quick ab routine? These 10 minute workouts are perfect for building and shaping your core from your home or at the gym!  

🍍 Cardio Plans 
Cardio is important to do, but it doesn't have to be the same old boring routine! These cardio plans will help you burn fat and TONE UP! 

🍍 Rest & Recovery Guides 
The protocols you need to start your workout and end your workout will be provided, plus instructions on how often and how to take rest days.

🍍 Accountability Check In's 
Checking in with yourself is SO important for success! Keeping track of your progress will help you stay on point and motivated to keep going! 

🍍 Learn How to Track Macros 
Macros 101! Learn all about what macros are and how to track them with easy to use training guides. 

🍍 Macro Calculator
Not sure where your macros should be set? You can calculate them to your specific body type and fitness goals here! No guess work!  

🍍 List of High Efficient Foods   
Your body is a machine and should be fueled as such! This is where you can find a grocery list of the best sources of protein, fat, and carbs to fit your macronutrient requirements!

🍍 Meal Builder
Don't want to track macros? No problem! But you should still understand proper portions. So I will give you an example of how to structure your meals.

🍍 Kitchen by Kristie 
New weekly macro friendly and delicious (cause you know Kristie tested them) recipes!   

🍍 Nutrition for Travel and On-the-Go
Are you a girl who is hustlin' and always on the go? No excuses! Here you will find the best food options to travel with, how to best eat off a restaurant menu, and awesome grab-and-go meals and snack suggestions.   
🍍 Access to the Private FB Group 
This group is
where you will never find yourself alone. With all the support and accountability from the ladies of GirlHustle, Team GH, and Kristie! 

I approach fitness like the professionals do, but have you been wondering what their BIG secret is?          

I do, and it's not what all the "fad" diets and gimmicks    
want you to know...     

Ever wonder how Olympians become so talented and fearless? Do you look at other fitness models and wish they would share their ultimate trick? Has it crossed your mind that body and athletic success is only genetic? The real secret is that they all have a 
 mental coach.

Our mind controls what we do, so why wouldn't it also control our progress? We each have internal, personal walls we face daily. Fears, addictions, impulsions, etc. that are difficult to overcome.

I've got a question for you find yourself turning to food for comfort  when you are stressed at your job? Worried about your relationships? Depressed from an injury? Don't feel bad,  we all do. But that's all due to the habits of your MIND. 

Rewiring the way your mind approaches food & fitness is EVERYTHING...

It my mission within GirlHustle is to give you the proper tactics and tools of overcoming yourself and finally seeing progress! Me and all the other amazing women in our community are living proof that the mind is the key to reaching your body goals.  

Want to learn and discover how to finally get into shape like the Beats-wearing blonde at your gym? Join our cirlce...and learn the professional tricks and tips of mental rewiring.
Let me tell is a-ok to make your body and your health a priority
I have met so many wonderful ladies who struggle with putting themselves's in our nature!

That taking time to eat and workout (instead of spending it with your kids, spouse or career) is selfish...

But...that is not true at all! 
In fact, taking a little time for yourself everyday is a very SELFLESS thing to do!

Plus - I've made it easy for you and I have taken the search and multiple hours of time out of it for you!

I have a B.S. in Exercise Science, I've gained countless hours of experience while practicing for competitions and photoshoots, I've mentored under the most elite in the sports, nutrition, and fitness performance biz, and have several PT certifications. 

I'm not mentioning this to brag...

But trust me when I say that I know my stuff and I've been in your shoes.  
As a personal trainer, I know a program like this would cost you thousands of dollars. 
But I want you to be successful and there is no catch to this.
But here's the thing...
I'm into long term relationships.
Not a couple months flings.
If you commit to GirlHustle. GirlHustle will commit to you.
Why do I do this?
1. It's because I've been there. When there's an exit route to quit, you'll always look for that exit route.

2. I'm not into quickies...and getting you results requires a commitment and some freaking dedication to change!  

3. I truly want you to feel confident in whatever health & fitness path you choose...

but you're here because you already know this is it. 
The results are yours to keep...
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Take a look inside and see for yourself.
I want you to be confident in what you're investing in.
How many $20 "diet books" have gotten you answers?
How many $5 apps have gotten you results?

NONE. That's why you're here, still looking for answers.
What if I was in your pocket and you could reach out to me and my coaching team whenever you needed? That 24/7 accountability, PLUS all of the tools you’re going to get, is what WILL lead to your success.
Sign up today and get Kristie's GearGuide FREE! ($47)
This is my over 40 page Ebook with everything you need to NEVER step foot in a supplement store. Aren't you tired of being blinded by all the confusing labels?

Over the past 7 years, I wasted the money and tried the all products.
And this Ebook is filled with all the tools that I have used for years now. If you’re going to choose to take supplements, I’ve spelled out the actual ones that are relevant and why. There is no more guess work, I’ve done it for you. 

This is a bonus offer if you decide to jump in now!
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Hundreds of women have filled out this very form and their lives have completely changed. 
"Don't wait! The money pays off. Your results will pay for themselves. I work at a gym and the personal training is more expensive when you break it down. If money is the only thing holding anyone back, JUST GO FOR IT. It’s worth it in the end."
-Alex O.
"The GirlHustle Trainer shows you everything to a T. You have everything you could possibly think of...Don't look at the price. Don't be afraid to invest in yourself...with this you can still be you and that's the best part about it."
-Morgan H.
"Do it. Do it quick. Absolutely don't hesitate. It's worth every penny. It's doable, it's positive. You don't feel failure. Everything is so upbeat. You just want to make it a lifestyle...GO FOR IT. It's so different than any other program I've ever done."
-Karen T.
One Commitment. One time purchase. A lifetime of GirlHustle.
GirlHustle promises, if you commit, we'll commit. Let's do this!
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